LTLGHY Reborn Black Girl Doll 21Inch 52Cm Handmade Newborn Baby Monkey Girl Dolls Soft Silicone Vinyl Lifelike Reborn Doll Best Gift for Kids,Pink Blue

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  • REBORN BABY: “Reborn baby” is a highly simulated doll that can be used as a child’s companion toy and a prop with healing effects. The birth of a reborn baby can comfort mothers who have lost their children due to illness or accidents and the elderly in nursing homes
  • SIZE: about 20 inch (52cm); Weight: about 1.2KG(3.2LB). The doll is handmade; will be some error in the size and weight.
  • HAIR: High quality hand-rooted mohair could be washing. It is very soft hair close to real baby hair. rooted up by hand a needle and a needle, the pores of the hair root is visible, extremely realistic baby’s hair, meticulous soft. More realistic effect. Please use metal comb for grooming to prevent from knotting.
  • EYES: Taiwan high-grade acrylic eyes in blue color, can not blink . Eyebrows : completely hand-drawn up the plane . Eyebrows need to be treated with caution , do not force wipe . Lips: warm and humid, look natural and soft , you can not help but want to kiss Nails: completely hand-drawn nails , redness of the nail bed and translucent nails , and even some nails life milky a half of moon shape
  • MATERIAL: 3/4 Vinyl Arms and Legs, Head,arms and legs:Soft silicone vinyl,Body:Cloth filled with cotton,very soft. Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71for ages 3+